Cameron Diaz Birthday LEAD
Credit: CELEBRITYPHOTO; Jon Kopaloff/FilmMagic

When we think of birthday girl Cameron Diaz, what comes to mind is a whole lot of tall, blonde, and totally gorgeous. Oh, and wait! She’s also super talented, completely loveable, and the quintessential all-American, bubbly actress that Hollywood loves and her fans adore.

Now, before we gush about Diaz any further, can we stop and talk about how crazy it is that she turns 44 today? After all, it seems like only yesterday the actress was making her Hollywood acting debut in films such as The Mask, There’s Something About Mary, and Charlie’s Angels.

VIDEO: Cameron Diaz's Red Carpet Style

Cut to today and Diaz is still considered one of Hollywood’s leading ladies. Not only was she named the highest-paid actress over 40 in 2013, but she also recently made headlines for her work in 2014's The Other Woman and in the 2015 remake of Annie.

Now, if we could just figure out how Diaz keeps herself looking so darn good. Our guess is it has something to do with her adopting meditation as a health practice, and, let’s be honest, that big beautiful smile of hers doesn’t hurt either. Happy birthday, Cameron!