Here's a Natural Remedy to Help You Calm Down Right Now

Epsom Salt
Photo: Courtesy

Sure, telling someone to use lavender to help them relax may seem as surprising as pushing floral prints for spring, but it bears repeating because it's backed by heaps of scientific research. One study found its soothing abilities comparable to those of prescription anti-anxiety medications. So, if you're under any stress at all (read: if you're a human being in 2016), try these three ideas for incorporating it into your routine and reap some relief:

1. Hit your local farmer's market. There's likely a vendor selling bouquets of dried lavender (you can also find them on Etsy), which last for months, infuse your space with the calming scent and—bonus—give a room a beautiful purple accent.

2. Take a bath. A twenty-minute soak in lavender-infused epsom salts, like these from Dr. Teal's ($4;, will make your mind and body feel better than the best massage money can buy.

3. Spritz your sheets. A lack of sleep is a major source of anxiety. Slip into a snooze a little easier with a light misting of This Works Deep Sleep Pillow Spray ($29; The ritual of spritzing it before bed is soothing in and of itself, and the lavender and vetiver fragrance hits you like a drug-free dose of Benadryl.

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