By Marianne Mychaskiw
Updated Jun 07, 2014 @ 6:00 pm
Orphan Black - Sarah Manning
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Clone club, sound off! How many of you are excited for a new episode of Orphan Black tonight? While it's hard for us to pick our favorite clone, the side-braided look worn by the punk rock Sarah Manning stands out as one of the most standout hairstyles so far. Along with her rebellious attitude, the edgy plaits have quickly become her trademark, so we caught up with the show's hairstylist Sandy Sokolowski to get step-by-step instructions on how to recreate it, and put together a handy GIF guide outlining the process. Keep reading to see exactly how to become a clone yourself by getting Sarah's look!

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Because braids requires some grip, we recommend working with either second-day hair, or spraying on a texturizer to form the base. "I use products like beach spray to give the hair a little traction," says Sokolowski. We began by spritzing on the Alterna Summer Ocean Waves spray ($20;, and worked it in section by section. "Put on some bad-ass music and crank it, own the mirror with your best mirror face, then shake your hair wildly to find a natural side part," she advises.

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Use either a tail or teasing comb to form a deep side part. "Start at the front, and draw the comb back into a C-shape around the ear, ending up behind the earlobe," Sokolowski says. If you have trouble figuring out where to place the part, line the division up with the high point of your eyebrow.

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After the part is in place, divide the area above your ear into two smaller sections to place the braids. Begin twisting the plaits from front to back. We started with the top section, and secured with a clear hair tie once we finished braiding the length.

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Twist the second braid into the remaining section of your hair; tie off with a hair elastic; and then anchor both plaits to the back with hair pins. Give the larger section a tousle, then work a hair serum through your mid-lengths and ends to define the texture and add shine -- Sokolowski recommends John Frieda's Frizz Ease ($10; "By now, you're probably wishing you had an Orphan Black tattoo, or a swarthy dance partner like Cal," Sokolowski jokes. "Sarah is all about the attitude, so enjoy the hair, and keep it legal!"