Calling All Bottle Blondes: This Is the One Product You Need to Keep Your Hue Vibrant

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Fashion week is the birthplace of many trends, and not just those that grace the runway. Jared Leto and Kim Kardashian both hit up Paris Fashion Week with statement-making platinum hair, inevitably causing peroxide mania to take hold. Ready to take the plunge? Keep in mind that bleached blonde hair is high-maintenance, and requires continual touch-ups, but the right products can be a game-changer and help maintain healthy hair that doesn't lose its luster.

A must for every bottle blonde, a purple toning shampoo is the ticket to ensuring the flaxen hue won't turn brassy. Because yellow and purple are the opposites on the color wheel, a deeply pigmented violet shampoo will counteract warm tones from appearing and, not to mention, extend the life of your color between appointments. Need a crash course? We spoke to Ray Symons, Master Stylist at Mizu in New York, to get a comprehensive user's guide to using toning shampoo. Read on to get his tips, including his favorite wallet-friendly versions to use on clients!

How exactly do toning shampoos work? Toning shampoos deposit the purple pigment into the hair to cut down on the brassiness and also help to brighten silver tones. If the hair has brassiness and orangey tones to begin with, it won't do much, even if the hair is double processed or highlighted. If the hair starts off with the correct pigments during the color service, then the after-care with the toning shampoos and conditioners will help.

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How often do you use a toning shampoo? Only use these type of products maybe once a week or every other week to freshen up the tones in your hair.

Any tricks to using the shampoo? Use as you would a normal shampoo and conditioner but don't leave the product in the hair too long as the hair could grab the purple tones! Those with fresh highlights and double-processed blonde hair should use styling products that have no color pigment, meaning any cream or serums, mousses, sprays that are either white or clear in color so the hair won't pick up the color of the product.

What purple shampoos would you recommend? V76 by Vaughn has a Brightening Shampoo ($26; and Brightening Conditioner ($26; for silver hair. The line is designed for men, but crosses over for women as a lot of our female clients use it for their blonde and highlighted hair. It's a purple lavender-colored base that takes any brassy tones out of lightened blonde hair, as well as silver toned hair. Clairol Shimmer Lights Conditioning Shampoo ($9; does the same thing, and is ideal for toning the brassiness out of blonde hair. John Frieda Sheer Blonde Color Renew Tone Restoring Shampoo ($6; does the trick, too!

What else can blondes do to maintain color? Sometimes the stuff in our water can build up on the hair and make it brassy, such as minerals, chlorine, or even rusty pipes. A great solution is to buy a shower head with a filter, like T3's Source Showerhead Filter ($130;, to help cut down on mineral deposits and keep hair fresh.

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