By Jonathan Borge
Jul 21, 2016 @ 11:30 am

Saying that Caitlyn Jenner is a pop culture fixture is an understatement, and a new video from the 66-year-old star’s latest project proves just how much she’s accomplished over the years.

Jenner previously teased the possibility of a collection with H&M called H&M Sport, and WWD reports the epic designs, a part of the brand’s For Every Victory campaign, are set to drop this week. In the accompanying video, dubbed “Caitlyn Jenner: My Life’s Greatest Victories,” the Olympic gold medalist opens up not just about her life as a professional athlete, but what it was like to come out as a transgender woman.

“When you have gender issues, you have a tendency to isolate yourself from people and you are certainly afraid to tell anybody,” she says, moving on to explain what it was like to tell the first person ever, his former wife Chrystie Crownover. “She was kind of shocked, as most people are, but for me, it was the most freeing moment ever, was being able to be honest with somebody about who you are.”

As for her time on the decathlon track, it helped her become who she is today. “To me, sports was always this wonderful diversion from myself and about who I was,” she continues. “The greatest thing in my life I’ve ever done, barring the games, barring anything, children. I have never been more proud than you can be as a dad to see what they’ve been able to do with their lives; but yes, my kids are, by far, my greatest accomplishment. Better than a metal.”

Watch the full video above to see Jenner open up about her life milestones.