By Maura Lynch
Updated Nov 12, 2015 @ 1:00 pm
Vetyver Lotion Lead
Credit: Courtesy

Since launching Byredo in 2006, distractingly handsome founder Ben Gorham has expanded the line from a handful of precious perfumes to hair fragrances to fun-size hand creams and even chic leather goods. Next up? Really, really fancy hand soap. This Vetyver wash ($48;, unsurprisingly spiked with the vetiver, has the prettiest sage hue and a scent that lingers on your skin like an earthy-yet-clean veil.

Sure, it's not an insignificant amount of cash to spend on soap of all things, but considering how good it feels on your skin and how amazing the bottle makes your bathroom look, it's not only a reasonable purchase but, one could argue, a completely necessary one.

Anyone who sees this—and the matching lotion ($50;, of course—on your sink will totally think you have your life together—no matter how shabby your apartment looks, how many people in your life you’re not on speaking terms with, or how many times you’ve "Netflixed and chilled" by yourself.