Buy Kate Moss's Last Topshop Collection, Beyonce's Faux Tattoos, and More!

Photo: Courtesy Photo (3); Getty Images (3)

1. Get it while it's hot (and you can)! Kate Moss's last collection for Topshop is on sale today. []

2. Beyonce's temporary tattoos have hit the shelves and are a wee bit smaller than expected. []

3. Kate Moss cut her own bangs with kitchen scissors. Beware, this strategy does not always work out so well. []

4. Find out which actresses are rumored to be in the running for a part in The Great Gatsby, set to come out in 2012. []

5. Eleni's Bakery baked cookies to celebrate Blair Waldorf's birthday. They're shaped just like her shoes! Adorbs. []

6. Tennis star Maria Sharapova plans to design her own wedding shoes. []

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