Buy Amy Adams's Engagement Ring on eBay!

What's Right Now - Buy Amy Adams's Engagement Ring on eBay!
Photo: Alex Berliner/BEImages; Mike Lorrig Artist Rep Inc.

Amy Adams is so busy with her career that she's had little time for wedding planning. "I'm lucky because he's not competitive with me. He embraces my success as mine," Adams has said of her fiance. Another great trait? He knows his jewelry. When Darren Legallo proposed in July 2008, he presented the actress with a 1-carat brilliant-cut diamond ring from Jean Dousset. Now you can buy a bauble just like Amy's at Dousset's new eBay store. Select the cut, design and price, and you'll get a custom diamond. "Don't compromise style for budget," says Dousset. "Just give her what she wants!"

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