By Isabel Jones
Updated Jun 26, 2018 @ 11:00 am

Believe it or not, 21 years have passed since Princess Diana's tragic passing—but that hasn't stopped rumors and conspiracies about her life from swirling about the gossip grapevine, even to this day.

One of these long-spun tales, buoyed by the late royal’s former butler Paul Burrell, is that Di had an affair with singer Bryan Adams while she was married to Prince Charles.

Princess Diana Bryan Adams Lead
Credit: Tim Graham/Getty Images

Adams’s fascination with the Princess is well documented, dating back to his aptly titled 1984 track “Diana.” On the track, which he co-wrote with Jim Vallance, Adams sings that he’d “die for” Diana, and asks, "whatcha doin' with a guy like him?"—the "him" in question presumably Charles.

Back in March, Burrell sparked a new wave of affair buzz when he reportedly told Australian star Lisa Oldfield that he used to sneak the "Summer of '69" singer into Kensington Palace to see Diana in the ‘90s.

Leave it to Bravo’s Andy Cohen to finally get to the bottom of the decades-old rumor.

During an episode of Watch What Happens Live on Monday evening, Cohen asked the singer-songwriter to characterize his relationship with the princess, to which he responded, “Great friends.”

“And she didn’t sneak me in, I would just roll up,” he continued, addressing Burrell’s claims. Cohen, of course, dug a bit deeper, asking if he and the princess were “friends with benefits.” Not missing a beat, Adams replied, “Uhh … She was just—we were good friends.”

So, yes, that essentially tells us nothing, but we’ll let it slide—it’s Bryan’s story and he can do what he wants with it.