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Old Hollywood waves and loose updos are two hairstyles you can always expect to see on the red carpet. However, few curling irons and bobby pins were used during the celeb glam sessions ahead of the 2019 Oscars red carpet. The one major beauty takeaway from tonight's show? Chocolate brown hair styled into a sleek blunt bob is a hair combo you're going to see everywhere.

The receipts to back up this bold statement: Emilia Clarke and Charlize Theron debuted new dark hair colors on the red carpet. Both stars are no strangers to the bob, but they usually opt to style their cuts in "S" waves. So, why the switch up a good thing? A sleek, straight finish is the optimal style to make freshly-dyed brown hair look even shinier.

New brunettes weren't the only celebs who embraced the look. Irinia Shayk and Maya Rudolph styled their already-brown hair into sleek bobs, too.

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The SparkNotes version: The bob — aka the hottest haircut of 2019 — is alive and well on the Oscars red carpet, but with a slight update. For the rest of the year, you're going to want to wear it sleek, straight, and preferably with brown hair.

Better make that salon appointment.