Credit: Jordan Strauss/WireImage

If you're like us, it's all too easy to skip the gym and let your beauty routine slide when the temperature drops. Then again, Brooklyn Decker's not quite like us. The swimsuit model, who is currently promoting Gillette's new disposable Venus Embrace razors, is committed to working out (and staying hot) all year-round. How does she stay motivated? "I think about how exercising makes me feel afterwards. It's also great for alleviating stress during the holidays," she told us. She also explained why it's important to keep primping all winter long: "A lot of women tend to stop shaving as much when they don’t show bare skin, but it’s actually necessary to keep up! Shaving with a five blade razor exfoliates your skin, so you’re getting rid of all that flakiness every time you shave." She does admit, however, to indulging a bit from time to time: "I have a major sweet tooth, which Halloween takes care of! One of my favorite indulgences is Sour Patch Kids." Maybe we're not so different from Brooklyn after all!