Brooklyn Decker's 7-Month Old Son's Latest Milestone Is as Teeny-Tiny as It Gets

Brooklyn Decker
Photo: Emma McIntyre/Getty Images

It doesn’t take much to get 29-year-old actress and model Brooklyn Decker to smile. As we learned at the Season 2 premiere of Grace and Frankie in L.A. Sunday night—Decker portrays Mallory Hanson, Jane Fonda’s daughter, on the show—the beauty has learned to appreciate the small things since giving birth to her and husband Andy Roddick’s first child, Hank, last September. So much so that even the slightest sign of little Hank’s growth is considered a major milestone.

“He’s seven months and he’s clapping, which is a huge deal. He’s clapping. He’s smiling. It’s wonderful,” she told InStyle. “It’s like the littlest things get you so excited. You’re like, ‘They smile—they’re the smartest person that’s ever lived.’ So that’s the phase I’m in right now.”

Decker’s post-birth phase has also caused her to take to social media to share what it’s like to undertake one of motherhood’s greatest challenges: breastfeeding. Last week, the actress hilarious expressed her state of stress as she attempted to do the deed while traveling and leaving her baby for the first time.

So how does she feel about the newfound responsibility? “It’s just that life is on a different wavelength. It just becomes a little bit more of a logistical challenge,” she added. “But with that, you know that when you go into it, right? It’s really wonderful, but it’s like, ‘Oh, this is my new life and I operate in a new way.’ So it’s a bit of an adjustment. It’s a really wonderful change. It really is.”

—with reporting by Brandi Fowler

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