Brooklyn Beckham - Lead
Credit: Samir Hussein/WireImage

"Salt Bae," the meat-cutting, salt-sprinkling meme sensation, has captured the imaginations of people all around the world—including celebs! The Turkish chef's amazing culinary skills even inspired Brooklyn Beckham to try his hand in the kitchen, seasoning up some steaks with dramatic flair.

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Nusret Gökçe is the Turkish chef also known as Salt Bae, and he went viral a few months ago thanks to an Instagram video of him cutting and seasoning a piece of steak. Gökçe's dramatic sprinkle of salt has become a meme, leading chefs around the world to emulate his too-cool cooking style.

Among his admirers is Brooklyn Beckham, the budding photographer and oldest son of Victoria and David Beckham. Beckham created his own #SaltBae video, and he definitely nailed the salt sprinkle! In the clip, Beckham slaps two pieces of steak down on the cutting board, then jazzes them up with Salt Bae's signature move.

Beckham has great style in the kitchen, but this video looks to have been filmed a while ago, as Beckham's two new tattoos don't make an appearance. Since his birthday at the beginning of March, the young photographer has gotten two pieces of ink—one on his forearm and the other on his bicep.

He might be a fan of Salt Bae, but Beckham is definitely inspired by his dad, too!