She's got some Spice Girls history, too.

Brooklyn Beckham, budding photographer, model extraordinaire, and spawn of one Spice Girl and one global soccer legend has a new flame: Phoebe Torrance, a model and the daughter of Ryder Cup golf pro Sam Torrance. While she's got a superstar pedigree, the British press reports that sources close to Brooklyn say that there's some good-natured jabbing happening because, well, Torrance bears more than a slight resemblance to Brooklyn's mom, Victoria Beckham. Again. The same thing happened with his ex, Hana Cross.

The Sun reports that Brooklyn and Torrance were seen in the VIP room at London's Wellington nightclub last month and that the relationship's gotten more serious since. The two have known each other for a while, but the romance is still somewhat new.

Brooklyn Beckham's new gf
Credit: Getty/Instagram

"A few of his friends have teased him about [her resemblance]," an insider told the paper. But "Brooklyn and Phoebe move in the same social circuit, and have known of one another for quite a while."

Torrance's modeling portfolio may not reflect it, but sources add that she's booked jobs in the past thanks to her similarities to Posh Spice. She used those jobs to put herself through school. It's not clear what that really means (was she singing "Wannabe" with her friends at children's birthday parties or just banking on her cheekbones?), but just about every girl grew up wanting to be a Spice Girl, so kudos to Torrance for being enterprising about it.

"Phoebe told pals that she actually did a few jobs as a Victoria lookalike in her early modeling days," a source explained. "The money of which helped fund her university course. Presumably, she never thought she might one day meet her idol."

News of the new relationship comes just after Brooklyn's split from Cross. The pair broke up two months ago after a very public argument in Cannes and a string of public confrontations in London.