Brooklyn Beckham’s latest muse has got fans drawing comparison to another leading lady in his life ... and it's kind of awkward.

Just a month after confirming his relationship with model Hana Cross, the 19-year-old took to Instagram on Thursday to share series of intimate pictures that he took of the 21-year-old.

In the black-and-white photos, which he simply captioned with a red heart, Cross poses in variety of different locations with some of the shots even featuring Beckham, camera in hand, reflected on shiny surfaces.

Yes, yes, young love is adorable and all, but there was a certain picture in particular that caused fans to rise an eyebrow for another reason.

Some fans seem to think the model bears a striking resemblance to a certain former Spice Girl in the third image, where Cross is seen gazing over her shoulder at Beckham's camera in the mirror. Scroll through the comments section of the post and you’ll see many people pointing out the similarities between Cross and Brooklyn's famous mum.

“She looks like a young Victoria Beckham,” one user commented.

Another person wrote, “Pic 3 is the spit image of your Mum! Pretty girl!”

Here is a picture of a younger Victoria Beckham for reference. Their resemblance is a bit hard to deny in the particular black-and-white phot. She's even got Posh Spice's signature pout down pat.

Posh Spice
Credit: Tim Roney/Getty Images

That said, in different light, it's easy to see that Cross's eyes are a much lighter color than Posh's baby browns, and her thick mane is also more blonde than brunette. Guess there are worse things than being compared to one of the world's most beautiful people, though.