Brooke Shields Debuts Her Newfound Body Confidence in a Bikini

Summer might be months away, but don't tell that to Brooke Shields. She is celebrating the warm season early with a slew of swim pictures, and her bikini game is very on point. The 52-year-old actress posted the photos Monday, and she couldn't look happier or healthier as she lives her best "bikini life in paradise."

It's all the more pleasant considering what she's said recently about her attitude toward her own body.

She admitted to Health in December that since she's turned 50, the focus has been on her body more than ever, but she has gained strength from her family to be happier and more confident with her body image.

"I was wearing a bathing suit over the summer—I always wear bathing suits that cover everything, the bottoms in particular—and my older daughter said, 'You know what? You cannot wear that bottom. It goes all the way under your butt and [makes it look] so much bigger.' And I said, 'I’m not gonna have my ass hanging out!' And she goes, 'You know what? You are.'" Shields said.

"So she finds me a new bathing suit, where that whole little shelf was out, and I was horrified, but my husband said, 'That bathing suit looks great. Rowan’s right. If you show a little bit more, it’s actually more flattering.' So, I had to learn from her. She said, 'Mom, face it, you’ve got a great butt. I don’t know why you try to hide it.' And that type of validation is a big deal for me, because in the next breath, she hates me."

With her newfound bikini confidence, she's thankful that times are changing from when she was younger.

"I was always considered the athletic one, and that translated into big. I was the big one," she said. "Thankfully, so many more body types are accepted these days. What I’ve been trying to do, and I’m seeing more now with my girlfriends, too, is celebrate other people."

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