Fourteen years after Britney Spears arguably (but not really) released one of the most iconic music videos of all time, we suddenly want to become flight attendants again.

That’s because four Nok Air flight attendants recreated Spears’s “Toxic” music video and we now cannot get the song out of our heads. In the clip above, each member of the squad wears a yellow uniform dress, a look that could have easily fit right in next to the pop star’s sexy blue version. They pose atop, next to, and below the airplane’s seats, pushing a cart down the aisle, checking themselves out in the mirror, and nailing choreography that likely took them hours to practice. Can we talk about that synchronization?

This wasn’t just a video created for fun, either. The squad made it to welcome Spears to Thailand, where she’s set to perform two shows this Friday and Saturday in Bangkok. Thankfully, Nok Air executives loved it. “We are really excited about Britney landing in Bangkok and love the song ‘Toxic,’ but they also had a lot of fun representing our brand," Nok Air Vice President of Marketing and Sales Pinyot Pibulsongkram reportedly said

Of course, people have recreated the video before, but these women nailed it.