Britney Spears and Tinashe’s slumber parties are a little different from ours ...

Like all of Spears’s music videos, the pop princess's latest, "Slumber Party," is a stimulating mash-up of provocative costumes, memorable refrains, and fast-pace dance numbers.

The video itself is quite the treat. You have not really, truly lived until you watch Britney slow crawl her away across a banquet table to reach the face tattoo-wearing man on the other side—TRUST.

However, if you aren’t game to have an uber-catchy chorus running through your head all weekend, you might want to skip this one. Here’s the CliffNotes version: Britney writhes about seductively between lyrical innuendos, eventually joining forces with a corset-clad Tinashe.

On second thought, some of Spears’s fashion choices really aren’t to be missed. How she managed to make a tutu look sultry, we shall never know.

Check out the video above, but fair warning: You will want to stream Crossroads immediately afterward.