Britney Spears
Credit: Kevin Mazur/Getty Images

Wow, Britney Spears. Back in 2007, who would have thought that the pop star would still be giving us fitness inspiration today?

The 35-years-old took to Instagram on Monday to show off her taut and toned figure—oh, yeah, and a crazy flexible yoga-gymnastics move. The singer lifted her body up into a handstand before separating her legs into an impeccable split, just leaning one knee against the wall for support. “Good morning! May you all have a blessed day,” she wrote, which is the caption of someone who knows her Instagram is straight fire.

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So aside from having incredible songs, on-point dance moves, and insane strength, Spears is ridiculously flexible. Seriously, she and Miley Cyrus should make up a new squad called Pop Stars Doing Splits. And a dedicated Instagram account to go with it.

Forget waiting for the new year to make a resolution: We’re signing up for some yoga classes, stat.