Britney Spears's "Toxic" Helped a 13-Year-Old Recover from Brain Surgery

Britney Spears At Her "Britney: Piece Of Me" Show At Planet Hollywood Resort And Casino In Las Vegas, Nevada
Photo: Denise Truscello/BSLV/Getty Images for Brandcasting, Inc

Britney Spears has garnered more than a few fans over the course of her career, but there's one fan in particular who's especially grateful for the singer's catchy tunes: 13-year-old brain surgery and stroke survivor Maegan Johnson. After suffering a brain aneurysm, doctors were uncertain if Johnson would make a recovery, but listening to the pop hit "Toxic" kept the girl motivated, which eventually helped her regain mobility. Johnson took to Facebook to share her remarkable story, and it's quickly grabbing the world's attention.

She wrote in her caption, "When I was 7 I had a ruptured brain aneurysm and was airlifted to Scottish Rite Children's Hospital in Atlanta, Georgia. The first week the doctors told my parents not to expect a good outcome. During a procedure to see how bad the bleed was, I had a stroke and it affected my left side. I had a 10 hour brain surgery, afterwards I couldn't speak for 6 weeks. I had to communicate on a dry erase board and became very depressed. I didn't want to smile or communicate."

Johnson went on to describe how those around her tried everything to lift her spirits, but nothing seemed to work. "Special visitors came to the hospital like cheerleaders, clowns and dogs for therapy to cheer us up, but nothing worked. Until.... one day someone played one of my CDs. The first song did nothing, but the next song was "Toxic" by Britney Spears—I smiled, tried moving my hips and lifting my arm waving it back and forth in the air trying to dance. That song was incorporated in ALL therapy sessions."

In appreciation of the boost that "Toxic" gave to her recovery, Johnson went on to write, "It has been our hope to get my story to Britney. My parents said as an entertainer and mother, she would appreciate knowing the impact and role she played on my recovery. We have been trying for 6 years through radio stations, emails and all social media, with no luck. Hopefully with your help, my wish will finally come true. I just want to thank her and let her know how much I appreciate her and tell her my story. Thank you!"

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