Britney Spears
Credit: Isaac Brekken/Getty Images

We thought the day might never come, but it appears that Britney Spears is finally testing out the waters of Snapchat. In a series of funny videos shared to her Instagram account on Monday the "Make Me" singer revealed that her sons introduced her to the popular social media app. And her consensus? She thinks it's great!

In the first video, the 35-year-old tries on one of the cute snowy filters with a voice-changer feature. With one hand placed demurely against her cheek, Spears tells a hilarious "true story" about seeing snow in Red Rock, Nevada.

"It's so weird because I went to Vegas and we were driving and it's really hot outside but I went to Red Rock, and then all of a sudden I looked out and it was snowing!" Spears tells the camera with faux earnest, speaking a mile a minute.

In the second video, the mother of two opts for the classic "beauty" filter, and mugs for the camera and ends the clip with her tongue out. "A little late on Snapchat ... my kids showed me last week," she captioned the 'gram along with a winking emoji. "It's great because it makes you feel pretty!"

Unfortunately, Spears has yet to officially go public with her own account but we're crossing our fingers she gives in soon!