Who knew a single Louboutin could cause so much controversy?


Britney Spears's lighthearted Instagram post about shoes has taken a turn — let's just say things got real dark, real fast in the comments section.

On Thursday, the singer posted a photo of a Christian Louboutin heel, writing, "Four years ago I bought my first pair of Christian Louboutin snakeskin heels that were 6,000 dollars .... PS I’ve never worn them !!!! "

The animal skin shoe, coupled with their exorbitant cost and the fact that she said she's never worn them, put her in hot water with a lot of people.

"Congrats on contributing to animal cruelty, all for nothing," one person wrote.

"That's is shameful to wear animals killed for vanity and brag about letting them go to waste. So cavalier and dismissive," another commenter added.

"Must be nice to flaunt your overindulgence. Meanwhile, we have people who can’t afford their next meal. Here’s an idea, instead of spending that sort of money on nonsense, donate it," someone else added.

Still, some people also took to the comments to defend her.

"How DARE you be successful and enjoy the spoils of your success! Don't you know we are a socialist country! Because socialism has always been HUGELY successful every time it has been tried! - Sincerely, the whining people of social media," a particularly sarcastic fan commented.

Who would have guessed that a single Louboutin shoe could cause so much controversy?