She came clean on Instagram.


Even superstars feel down sometimes. Britney Spears opened up about her self-esteem in her latest Instagram post, which features her doing some pretty amazing-looking yoga poses. In the gallery post, which includes videos of her in action, she tells her followers just how important it is to speak to yourself and pay attention to how you carry yourself, because both things have had a huge impact on how she sees herself.

With the help of a coach, Spears explains that she's working on opening up her back to counteract her slouching. She notes that her poor posture is related to her self-esteem. She's working on it, she wrote, and through her yoga practice (something she's been sharing on her feed lately), she's working on her physical and mental strength.

"Body language is everything!" Spears wrote. "The way you speak to yourself and carry yourself can effect [sic] your mood .... I have self esteem problems so I slouch ... These poses help me everyday become stronger and it’s quite fun doing them."

She also shared that the results have been noticeable, saying that putting herself in new positions is giving her different feelings.

"I feel so different everytime I do it, cause I’m not used to the feeling of my back being out !!!!" she added.

Spears isn't just using her Instagram to show off flexibility. She used it to debut a new hair color (a return to form, to be honest), show off her dance skills, and tell her fans that even though she's in the middle of an indefinite hiatus, that she loved them and always would.