Her legal team claims he's harassing and threatening her.


The Los Angeles court has granted Britney Spears's legal team a temporary restraining order against the performer's former manager, Sam Lutfi. The Blast reports that Spears's lawyers issued paperwork on Tuesday, claiming that Lutfi was causing her psychological trauma. Along with Spears herself, the restraining order protects her father, mother, and two sons.

"Mr. Lutfi has sent harassing and threatening texts and tweets to Ms. Spears's family," documents read.

Spears's team claims that Lutfi is attempting to disrupt her conservatorship through "vigilante action, bribes, and release of private information." The Blast adds that Lutfi's actions are endangering Spears's safety and well-being.

Britney Spears
Credit: J. Merritt/Getty Images

Court documents note that Lutfi sent aggressive messages to Spears's mother, Lynne. The correspondence claimed that Lynne wasn't being involved enough in her daughter's conservatorship and that she was allowing Britney's life to spiral out of control. People adds that the harassment started after Spears was checked into an "all-compassing wellness treatment facility."

"Lutfi began a new campaign of harassment against Ms. Spears and her family," the documents read. "In the last week alone, Mr. Lutfi has made dozens of disparaging and threatening comments on social media and in interviews. He has sent threatening texts to Ms. Spears's family, he has leaked confidential information, and is considering releasing more of Ms. Spears's (actual and fabricated) private information. … Mr. Lutfi's actions threaten Ms. Spears's safety and well-being."

Lutfi acted as Spears's manager in the early 2000s and many members of her family blame the singer's mental-health issues with his leadership. He sued Lynne Spears in 2008, though the case was settled out of court. Lynne will attend Spears's conservatorship hearing on Friday to determine who will be involved with the future of her care.