Britney Spears Writes a Passionate Love Letter to the LGBTQ Community

Photo: Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic

Britney Spears knows that the LGBTQ community has had a big hand in her success as an artist, and now she’s throwing back the love with a passionate and personal letter. In honor of Gay Pride Month, Spears wrote a “love letter” to her fans, on behalf of Billboard.

“This is my letter of love to all my LGBTQ fans. Continuously throughout my career, you’ve always been so vocal about what a positive impact I’ve had on you—that I’ve instilled joy, hope, and love in you at times when there was none. That my music is an inspiration. That my story gives you hope,” she wrote.

“But I have a secret to share with you. You see, it’s actually you that lifts me up. The unwavering loyalty. The lack of judgment. The unapologetic truth. Acceptance! Your stories are what inspire me, bring me joy, and make me and my sons strive to be better people,” she wrote.

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Selena Gomez was also enlisted to write a “love letter” of her own, and it has everything to do with the way she was raised. “I remember as a young child going to brunch on Sundays with my mom and her group of friends. I had no idea they were all gay as I didn’t even comprehend what that meant at the time. All I knew is that I loved being surrounded by these kind, fun, and loving friends my mother had around her. I definitely give credit to her for raising me in an environment that was incredibly open-minded and non-judgmental,” she wrote.

“There is still a significant amount of work to do and I look forward to the day when a person is never judged, discriminated, or feared for their sexuality.”

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