By Lara Walsh
Aug 21, 2017 @ 10:15 am

Britney Spears is giving the media something to talk about with her latest performance.

The "Piece of Me" songstress, who has slammed lip-syncing allegations in the past, decided to show off her vocal chops with a live rendition of an early '90s cover to surprise fans.

On Saturday, the pop princess gave concert-goers an extra treat at her Piece of Me Las Vegas residency as she added a performance of Bonnie Raitt's 1991 single "Something to Talk About" to her usual set list.

"So I've been doing a lot of thinking lately, right?" the singer began her introduction, before opening up about the fickle side of fame. "This morning I woke up and I was like, 'There's a lot of things going on in the world' and stuff, but basically I looked and I was like, you know what, the press and the media my whole life ... you know, it's really crazy, one minute they tear you down and they're really horrible, and the next minute you're on top of the world, you know?"

Spears concluded her speech by appearing to directly address critics., "I've never really spoke about it, you know, and I'm a Southern girl," she said, before slaying her impromptu performance. "I'm from the South and I like to keep it real, so I want to just make sure I keep having you motherf—ers something to talk about, okay?"

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Listen to her performance for yourself in the above video.