Britney Spears's Kids Won't Stop Pranking Her

Britney Spears has two jokesters on her hands. The pop star lives with her two sons, 11-year-old Sean Preston and 10-year-old Jayden James, and they must have picked up on how easily spooked their mom is because they just can’t seem to stop pranking her.

In a video that Spears posted to Instagram on Monday, the brothers commandeer their mother's phone while she’s cooking in the kitchen. “So we just stole our mom’s phone, and this is Take 2 scaring her. Come on,” one whispers into the camera. He proceeds to sneak up behind their mom, who is standing at the stove in a tank top and shorts, and screams.

The pop star reacts accordingly, screaming her head off and telling her kids to stop, as you would too if your preteen sons wouldn’t stop scaring you half to death when you were just trying to cook them dinner.

And this isn’t the first time they’ve pranked their famous mom. Back in September, they did the same thing. The first time they stole her phone and videotaped as they popped out from behind a wall just as she came walking by.

Fred and George Weasley have some competition in these two.

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