Britney Spears Fragrance - Lead
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What's your fantasy? No, we're not referring to the early '00s hit by Ludacris—with 12 different versions of her now iconic Fantasy fragrance in her catalog, Britney Spears almost always seems to reinvent the perfume wheel with every new launch. Each scent proves to be as dynamic as the star's lengthy discography, but there's something that almost seems to draw us back to the version we fell in love with back in 2005. "Fantasy is a fragrance my fans love, so when reinventing new versions, we always try to give it a little something special, while staying true to the flirty essence of the original," Spears tells InStyle exclusively. "I've been creating fragrances for more than 10 years, and each one shows a different side of my personality." In the case of Fantasy Intimate Edition ($38;, her latest scent, the star incorporated gourmand notes like lemon and brown sugar to add a sultry element. "We worked with Olivier Gillotin from Givaudan for over a year to make sure it was perfect," says Spears. "He made sure the scent stayed true to the addictive quality of Fantasy. This one give my fans a glimpse of who I am when I'm at home relaxing—that's my favorite part of the day."

Drawing inspiration from her lingerie line, the star incorporated elements from specific pieces in the packaging to amp up the sex appeal. "I wanted the bottle to feel light and airy like lace or silk. The fragrance box actually features a lace pattern I picked for the Clematis Bralette and Underwear set," she says. "My sleepwear collection reveals a more sensual side of my personality, and exploring that part of myself inspired me to create a fragrance that's romantic." Mission accomplished, we'd say, after one whiff of the sexy jasmine, musk, and vanilla blend. "The scent is like a good set of lingerie," Spears adds. "It works for every occasion, and it makes me feel confident every time I put it on."