Credit: britneyspears / instagram

Britney Spears isn't like other moms...she's a cool mom, as evidenced by her latest Instagram post chilling in a hot tub with her two boys. The trio looked like they were enjoying the sun and the bubbles as they had some family time and some snacks in Los Angeles. Spears's off-duty look involved a sun hat, mirrored shades and orange and blue swim top with crisscrossed straps. Sean, 11, and Jayden, 10, opted for some cool colorful sunglasses which they courteously took off for the pic.

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This moment of family relaxation seems very necessary after the recent events shared by the Spears family. Earlier in the week it was reported that Britney's niece Maddie had been injured in an ATV accident. Sean and Jayden's younger cousin had to be airlifted to a hospital where she recovered. Spears took to Instagram to share how thankful she was for fans' prayers and support.

She wrote, "So grateful that Maddie was able to go home today... it's truly a miracle. Our prayers were heard, and they were answered! Thank you so much for all your love and support this week. My family appreciates it more than you will ever know."