By Anna Hecht
Updated Apr 21, 2016 @ 5:15 pm
Jeffrey Mayer/WireImage

How should one react when the dog gets ahold of all the cheese in the house? Well, according to our girl Britney Spears, you mourn the loss with a good cry.

On Thursday, Spears took a sincerely sad Instagram video (below) after realizing her furry housemate had helped himself to the cheese. Through her tears, the Oops I Did It Again singer held tight to her two boys, Jayden James, 9, and Sean Preston, 10, and says: "I'm so sad, [it] ate all the cheese!"

Turning the camera on her cheese-stealing pooch, Spears said: "The dog ate my cheese. It's not fair!" Despite Spears's crocodile tears, her sons didn't seem too bothered by the cheese upset and were instead seen giggling at their mom's hilarious reaction. In captioning the photo, Spears vented her frustration, saying: "When your damn dog eats all the cheese." Too funny.