She broke the news on Instagram.


Britney Spears is living her best life on Maui right now, but she took some time to let fans in on a major change: she's embracing blonde again. In a new clip posted to Instagram, Spears showed off the new color in a tousled updo while she made wacky faces. While fans didn't get an up-close look at the new hair color, the shade of blonde visible in the new video is much, much lighter than the chocolate-brown locks she's been wearing recently.

"So maybe blondes do have more fun," she wrote. "It’s not professional Hollywood hair and makeup .... but hey it’s real and I’m watching Vacation !!! PS Just got out of pool so hair is wet ... sorry!!!"

Spears's update comes a few weeks after she asked fans not to forget about her during her work hiatus. She's been on a break for over six months now, but these little updates are letting her followers know exactly what she's up to. Back in September, she gave fans a peek at her then-new brown hair, which she said was inspired by her sister.

At the time, her boyfriend, Sam Asghari, wrote that he liked her with any color hair, commenting, "Beautiful blond or black."

Before this year's brunette phase, the last time Britney went dark was in 2013. Since then, she's stayed true to her blonde look — and it looks like she's there again. Times change, but a blonde Britney proves that some things are just meant to be.