Can you believe that Britney Spears' hit song "...Baby One More Time" was released almost 20 years ago? It feels like it was yesterday!

Believe it or not, the iconic pop song topped the charts back in 1998, and everyone was left picking their jaws up off the floor when the sexy video came out, featuring Spears dressed as a schoolgirl. Though it's been almost two decades, Brit is proving she can still rock the look like no one else, donning that iconic outfit again on Instagram.

On Friday, Spears put together one of her infamous Instagram fashion shows for her fans, and we're living for all the gorgeous outfits. In addition to a white dress and a "cowgirl" look, the 35-year-old singer modeled a white crop top and plaid mini skirt, just like the ones from the "...Baby One More Time" video—all that's missing are her pigtails!

Spears certainly isn't afraid to show off her toned body, and we don't blame her! She looks just as amazing as she did back when she was a teenager.

Now if we could only convince her to bring back the boa constrictor outfit from the 2001 MTV VMAs...