By Jonathan Borge
Updated Mar 20, 2018 @ 12:45 pm

Britney Spears—princess of pop, mother of two, the reason my 9-year-old gay self secretly wore T-shirts on my head to pretend I was performing “…Baby One More Time” with a head full of hair—has officially received the high-fashion treatment.

Yes, Ms. Toxic herself is the latest reason you’ll want to save up to shop another very expensive French fashion house: Kenzo. The 36-year-old queen of Las Vegas (she’s rumored to return to Sin City in 2019, by the way) is the face of the brand’s La Collection Memento No. 2 campaign thanks to Creative Directors Carol Lim and Humberto Leon (the same people who brought fashion to Disneyland).

Credit: Courtesy of Kenzo

Here’s why this is important: When Britney was on top of the world, singing “Slave 4 U” and killing every MTV VMAs performance, she dabbled in style campaigns and even hooked up with brands like Candie’s. However, she never really had a high-fashion moment the way other pop stars have—until now.

Credit: Courtesy of Kenzo

Photographed by legend Peter Lindbergh, the portfolio of images she stars in are a nod to Kenzo’s Japanese roots—there are plenty of pieces with that lion motif people adore—and appreciation for denim.

“Britney is the queen of denim to me,” Leon said in a statement explaining why they chose Spears for the campaign. “It’s really interesting because you think about her career. She could have been attached to so many brands. She could have been the fashion of thousands of them, but she hasn’t. This is the first time she’s actually entering this foray, which I think is super cool and an honor for it to be Kenzo.”

Credit: Courtesy of Kenzo

Lim added, “Doesn’t she look amazing? That’s a true shot, unretouched. Her body’s amazing. That is what her body looks like.”

Spears took to Twitter to announce the campaign, sharing a photo in which she flaunts her ripped body in matching denim separates.

Credit: Courtesy of Kenzo

In addition, a behind-the-scenes campaign shot could honestly pass for any one of her major music videos.

Don’t call this a comeback, though. People have been rooting for Britney for years, not to mention filling up her sold-out Las Vegas Piece of Me residency seats. And have you seen the way she works a runway? On Instagram, her hilarious outfit-changing videos have taken over social media.

In case you needed a reminder: It’s Britney, bitch.