British Period Drama Restless: Tonight on the Sundance Channel

Photo: Cathal MacIlwaine/Sundance Channel

A period drama with some of our favorite leading Brits? Count us in! Restless, a two-part miniseries on the Sundance Channel, premieres tonight at 9pm EST and will conclude with its final part December 14. The series stars Downton Abbey's Michelle Dockery, Hayley Atwell, and Charlotte Rampling, and tells the thrilling story of a daughter who discovers that her mother was recruited as a British spy during World War II. It takes place in two different time periods, one in the 1940s with Hayley Atwell’s character, Eva, and then 30 years later in 1976 with Charlotte Rampling as the older version of Eva and Michelle Dockery as her daughter, Ruth. As Ruth (Dockery) unravels the truth about her mother’s past, we get to see all of the action unfold through the young Eva (Atwell), who takes on various wartime assignments all over the world as a member of the British Secret Service. “What I love about the film is that there are moments when the young Eva and Ruth kind of run parallel with each other,” Dockery told the Sundance Channel about her and Hayley Atwell’s story lines. Tune in tonight at 9pm EST on Sundance and click through for some fun facts about the miniseries, including details on Michelle Dockery’s 70s wardrobe!

— Janelle Grodsky

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