British Designer Matthew Williamson's Bridal Advice

Matthew Williamson
Photo: Courtesy Photo; Getty Images

Matthew Williamson debuted his 12-piece bridal collection last month, and we caught up with the designer to ask him about the event that's on everyone's mind—the Royal Wedding! "There’s a sense of excitement and curiosity," Williamson said of being a British designer at a moment when the whole world is watching. "I’m excited to see what Kate’s going to wear on the big day," The designer also shared some tips for brides-to-be: "Never shop alone for your bridal dress. Take a friend and bring a camera to take a picture of you," he advised. "Make sure to get a picture of the back view, that’s the part of the dress most people are going to see for the longest time." Williamson's own bridal collection is still evolving, and he dropped some hints about what we can expect next season. "I may introduce some color and some pattern eventually." And despite stories of bridal designers dealing with bridezillas, Williamson insists his customers are lovely. "I've only dealt with fabulous brides!"

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