Bring in a Nicer New Year by Reading The Kindness Diaries

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If you need inspiration to pay it forward in 2015, The Kindness Diaries delivers just that. A narrative by London broker-turned-world-traveler Leon Logothetis, the book ($24.99, chronicles his journey across four continents powered only by a vintage yellow motorcycle and the will to do good. With no food, shelter, or money in his pocket, he simply relied on the kindness of strangers—and boy, did they deliver.

“People from all walks of life came to my rescue,” Logothetis tells InStyle of the humanity that he encountered on his trip. “From Rickshaw drivers in India to businessmen in Italy, I was swept across the world on a wave of generosity." The most generous---and unforgettable---act of kindness took place in Pittsburgh, when a homeless man named Tony offered spare clothes and to protect him as they slept side by side on a sidewalk.

“He changed my life that night,” says Logothetis, who returned the compassion showed by Good Samaritans in ways that "would inspire people to live their dreams.” For instance, the day after Tony helped him out, “I was fortunate enough to change his life by offering him a new apartment to call home and a chance to go back to school,” Logothetis says. Now, "because of a chance meeting with an Englishman, he is on a new journey of redemption and reclaiming a well deserved life."

Such experiences also helped Logothetis on his own journey from uninspired businessman to satisfied philanthropist. “The power of human connection is truly transformative—it can heal profoundly,” he says. To take a page out of Logothetis's book and find inspiration in everyday life, “Take some risks,” he suggests. “Jump out of your comfort zone and begin to live.”

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