Credit: Chris Delmas/AFP/Getty

We've all got to start somewhere, right Brie Larson?

The 27-year-old Oscar-winner took to social media on Thursday with photographic proof that she hasn't always been the most effortless style icon on the red carpet. In a series of photos taken at the 2004 Teen Choice Awards—which by the way, were hosted by Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie—it's clear that Larson has come a very long way since her teen years. But then again, who hasn't? In the end, it makes us love her even more.

Larson, it seems, finds more humor in her throwback poses than her sartorial decisions, but we can't get over her outfit. Seriously, is she wearing waterfowl? And what's going on with that headscarf? And yes, the poses are just as bad, but what else can you expect from a 15-year-old?

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"Can we blame these poses on 'the times' or must I own up to my transgressions?" Larson captioned the #tbt of her red carpet walk.

Her boyfriend, musician Alexander Greenwald, also correctly pointed out that she looks a lot like Daphne from Scooby Doo.

We say own it, Brie!