Bridesmaids Take Note: Rentals Aren't Just for Groomsmen Anymore

Vow to Be Chic Bridesmaids
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What’s the biggest bridal fashion lie ever told? “You can wear it again.”

Being a bridesmaid means you get to stand up beside your best friend for one of the most important days of her life—but it also means you’ll be spending a chunk of change on a dress that you’ll likely never wear again.

Bridesmaids-to-be, meet your new savoir: Vow to be Chic. The newly launched website lets you rent bridesmaids dresses online for as little as $95.

Here’s how it works: Browse gorgeous designer dresses online, find something you (and the bride!) love. Submit your measurements and, months before the wedding, the site will send you two sizes to try on at home. Return the trial dresses in prepaid packaging and select the size the fit you best—your dress will arrive one week before the wedding. Just return the dress when you're done with it and it'll be dry cleaned, pressed, and ready to be rented by the next lucky bridesmaid.

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Rest assured, you can still have the bridal party bonding experience of trying on your gowns together. Vow to be Chic can ship all your dresses to the bride who can pop some champagne and hold a fitting party at her place.

Not only do they let you skip the boutique hopping, tailor appointments, and high costs that come with ’maids territory, it’s a great option for green brides. Recycling dresses is an easy way to increase sustainability and cut down consumption.

Go ahead, stop letting all the groomsmen have all the fun! Visit Vow to be Chic now and have one of their bridal stylists help your wedding party find the perfect (temporary) dress.

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