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As Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson famously said in Wedding Crashers, it's wedding season... Being a bridesmaid comes with a lot of responsibilities—between planning the shower, ordering the dress on time, and partying it up at the bachelorette, doing your own makeup can also fall onto the growing list of wedding duties. Of course you'll want to look glamorous for the many pictures taken during the ceremony and reception, but going with the theme without taking focus off the bride are key elements to keep in mind. That's why we outlined a handy guide for doing your own makeup for your best friend's wedding, including how to ensure your look won't quit half-way through the day. Keep reading to get all the details!

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Before You Leave Home
In our opinion, getting ready with your girlfriends for any event is almost as fun as the occasion itself, but on your BFF's wedding day, she'll understandably be taking priority when it comes to the art of primping. We recommend completing the more time-consuming or complicated rituals before heading over to her house, then touching up your eyes, cheeks, and lips once you arrive.

Set a budge-proof canvas with a layer of Smashbox Photo Finish Primer ($16 for the mini; followed by Giorgio Armani Maestro Foundation ($64;, and proceed with any contouring as you see fit. Brows are not something that should be rushed—they can make or break the entire look—so take extra time filling yours in, and opt for a pencil like the Brett Brow Duo Shade ($18; to sculpt a precise shape. Avoid a too-heavy finish by first using the lighter end to trace your arches, then go back and fill in areas with the darker side.

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The Color Scheme
Obviously, you should check with the bride first to see if she has any specific ideas in mind, but generally, one-size-fits-all neutrals like Buxom May Contain Nudity palette ($40; are a safe bet for your eyes, paired with soft pink tones on your cheeks and lips. We love the sheer, glassy finish of Lancôme Shine Lover Lipstick in Éclat de Rose ($25; paired with the natural effect of Burberry Beauty Lip and Cheek Bloom in Rose ($28; blended onto the apples. The finished effect will be elegant, but understated enough to not outshine the bride on her big day.

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Waterproof Everything
Every wedding day has a 100% forecast of tears of happiness being shed. To avoid any Lauren Conrad-esque mascara runs, make sure to use water-resistant products on your eyes, like Diorshow's waterproof formula ($25; or YSL Waterproof Eye Pencil ($30; Top everything off with a veil of setting spray—we love MAC's mini Fix+ bottle ($10;—to prevent tears from streaking your foundation.

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What to Stash in Your Clutch
Before heading to the ceremony, make sure your clutch is stocked with essential items like Tatcha Blotting Papers ($15;, a mattifying pressed powder like Make Up For Ever's ($36;, your lip color of choice, and of course, your phone and wallet. Because almost anything can happen during a wedding, we recommend picking up a Skinny Minimergency Kit by Pinch Provisions ($24; so you'll be Eagle Scout-level prepared for just about any issue that arises. Don't let its slim exterior fool you—this handy set is armed with everything from deodorant wipes and clear nail polish, to Band-Aids, hairspray, and even a sewing kit.