We've spent much of this summer casually freaking out over Zendaya. But this—THIS—tops the bumble-bee look and the fancy stag sweater combined. People just announced that our young style star has a beau, and the lucky man in question is cutie-pie Tom Holland.

In case you're scared of spiders—and haven't, you know, been keeping up with Spider-Man: Homecoming—Tom Holland is the English actor who plays the superhero in the summer blockbuster. He's also adorable, ambitious, and great with kids. (Zendaya, listen to your elder: that is a great sign.)

Before we get too excited, we should say: the news of the too-cute relationship comes from an anonymous source, and has not been confirmed by either star's camp. (Update: Zendaya and Holland poked fun at the reports on Twitter Thursday evening, though they didn't confirm or deny their IRL couple status.) Our romance-dar tells us something is up!