Toast the Olympics with This 5-Ingredient Cachaça Cocktail

Olympics Drink Lead
Photo: Asia Coladner

The time has finally come for the Rio Olympic Games. As this year's fleet of athletes mentally prepares for tonight's opening ceremony, celebrate by toasting with Brazil's most popular beverage: the cachaça. For the uninitiated, the distilled spirit, made from sugarcane juice, is used in a range of tropical cocktails, including—but definitely not limited to—this one, dubbed the "Mia Wallace," courtesy of N.Y.C. cocktail bar The Garret East.

Named after Uma Thurman's iconic Pulp Fiction character—who memorably sips on a milkshake in the film—the drink calls for cacao-infused cachaça, Montenegro Amaro, whole milk, and sweetened condensed milk for a malty flavor that tastes like a spiked egg cream. "The bitterness of the Amaro contrasts with the sweet aroma of the cachaça," says mixologist Grant Wheeler. What's left to do but say "saúde" and dance to "You Never Can Tell"?

Read on for the recipe.

Mia Wallace


1 oz cacao-infused Avua Prata Cachaça ($28;
1/2 oz Amaro Montenegro ($27;
1/2 oz condensed milk
1/2 oz whole milk
Nutmeg for garnish


1. Add ingredients and ice to a shaker and shake lightly.

2. Strain over a juice glass filled with crushed ice and top with shaved nutmeg.

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