Bradley Cooper
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There's nothing quite like a good old embarrassing throwback photo, especially when it's of a celebrity. But an embarrassing throwback photo of three celebrities? Now that's something you have to see.

Bradley Cooper stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live! in Brooklyn on Thursday for a chat with his friend, and host, Jimmy Kimmel. After Kimmel gave the 40-year-old actor a chance to take in the fact that 10 years after they first met, here they were—Kimmel with a hit television show and Cooper with an incredibly successful career in movies—they moved on to more important things, like throwback photos.

To celebrate throwback Thursday, their mutual friend, Dax Shepard, sent Kimmel a very old photo of the three of them at a party at his house.

Cooper laughed loudly as Kimmel revealed the photo of the trio looking less than enthused during a game of Scrabble:

Bradley Cooper - Embed
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"That is just ... wow," Cooper said between chuckles.

"You want to talk about fun guys," Kimmel said. "We seem very depressed."

Watch the entire clip below, and hear the duo reminisce about their early showbiz days: