Bradley Cooper and Irina Shayk's​​​​​ relationship was beyond saving, according to sources close to the pair. The two reportedly tried their best to salvage what they could, but after the blockbuster hit A Star is Born, everything just changed too much. People reports that Cooper was "emotionally absent" during the film's production and even though he did his best to slow things down after last year's awards season, the two just couldn't make it work.

"Bradley was emotionally absent during the long time filming A Star Is Born," a source told People. "They tried to save the relationship, but it had changed."

Bradley Cooper and Irina Shayk 91st Annual Academy Awards - Arrivals
Credit: Steve Granitz/Getty Images

A Star is Born was Cooper's directorial debut, so it would make sense for him to pour everything he had into the project. Because of his clear devotion to the film, which he starred in, sang in, and promoted heavily, it seems like the rest of his life slipped into the background, including his new family and his partner. He seemed aware of the fact and many sources said that he shifted his focus back to his daughter and Shayk, but it wasn't enough.

"After awards season ended, Cooper slowed down to focus on his family," a separate source told People back in April, sharing that the star spent "every day with his family.”

On top of the critical accolades, the film also launched Cooper's personal life into the stratosphere. Notoriously private, he and Shayk had always kept their relationship under the radar, but the two kept making headlines by showing up on red carpets together. Before the movie, it was a rare sight. As awards season went on, the two were making appearances more regularly, but thanks to their usual M.O. of keeping mum on their romance, nobody could tell that anything had changed.

"Since Bradley and Irina have always been very private about their relationship few knew there was really for sure something going on," the source added.

Last week, the two officially split and are still working to determine how time will be split with their 2-year-old daughter, Lea De Seine. Cooper and Shayk had been together for four years. Sources also add that for the past few months, the two were reportedly living separate lives and were actually spending the majority of their time apart.

"If he was in L.A., she's out of town, and if she was in town, he was out of town," an insider noted.

Neither Cooper nor Shayk has released an official statement on the matter.