Brad Pitt Reportedly Rekindling Old Friendships Post-Split

Brad Pitt 
Photo: Steve Granitz/WireImage

Now that the drama of his split from Angelina Jolie has calmed down, it seems Brad Pitt is starting to find his groove as a newly single man.

People has reported, according to sources close to Pitt, that the actor "often has friends over," and "old friends are back in his life, and he seems happy about it." And he's been hitting the gym quite often, a classic post-breakup move not even Brad Pitt is immune to. "He’s lost a few pounds," another source told the mag. "He’s in very good shape."

Sources have also revealed to People that Pitt and Jolie are talking to each other again, now that Pitt has been seeing his kids more, and the divorce has become more private. "He’s much happier," a source said. "He’s very relieved that things are not playing out in public anymore."

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"He’s always been extremely positive about how Angie's a good mother, and the goal was to resolve everything for the kids and the whole family, and they’re working toward that," added the source.

"We are a family and we will always be a family, and we will get through this time and hopefully be a stronger family for it," Jolie said in a BBC interview last month.

We're glad to see Pitt in a better place, and we're definitely not complaining about his gym habit: the more Brad Pitt abs, the better!

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