Honestly, Brad Pitt Sounds Like a Great Property Brother

His upcoming appearance on the show sounds like the team-up we deserve.

Brad Pitt and the Property Brothers are not people you would ever expect to see in the same room, but just roll with it — because the Academy Award-winner did in fact team up with Drew and Jonathan Scott, and it sounds like Pitt is now an honorary Property Bro.

Pitt appears on the show in a guest appearance in an upcoming episode of HGTV house-flipping show Celebrity I.O.U., a spinoff of The Property Brothers, to help revamp a garage for Jean Ann Black, his makeup artist. Judging from a Vanity Fair review, it's exactly the soothing content we all need right now.

For starters, Vanity Fair's Katey Rich writes that Pitt wears "his signature newsboy hat, artfully tousled hair, and a genuine smile every time he talks about his long-standing friendship with Black."

And here, an excellent excerpt from Rich's review:

“I love the sound of a construction site,” he says, not long after dropping that he knows the zoning laws for how close you can build to the property line. “I’m extremely tactile,” he says, picking out engineered hardwood samples like they’re crown jewels.

Unfortunately, the new series of the show doesn't air until April 13, but until then, we'll always have that rooftop scene from Once Upon a Time in Hollywood.

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