Brad Pitt Gushes Over What He Learned from Working With Leonardo DiCaprio

"Leo and I just kind of popped at the same time."

Brad Pitt and Leonardo DiCaprio are in the midst of one serious bromance.

Right before Pitt nearly broke the internet with his reunion with with Jennifer Aniston outside of the press room, he was inside chatting about what he learned from Leonardo DiCaprio’s acting method while they worked together on Once Upon a Time in Hollywood.

“He's so committed,” Pitt said. “Like within a scene. You can play a scene at level one or 11, and he's always pushing for the edge. He's not protecting himself in any way. Sometimes, you will kind of put the reins on, but he's literally throwing himself out there. He goes all the way and it's really impressive. Which is why the epic break-dancing trailer works so well.”

Brad Pitt Al Pacino Leonardo DiCaprio Netflix SAG After Party
Michael Kovac/Getty Images

As for his fave moments on set with DiCaprio, Pitt couldn’t recall specifics, saying, “I’m a terrible anecdote guy,” but said instead, “Leo and I just kind of popped at the same time and we've crossed paths many times.”

“We just we have the same reference points,” he added with a smile. “I think we should do like a Buddy Holly and Jerry Lewis movie or something,” and laughed before he strolled out of the room, and thanked the press members in it.

The Pitt-DiCaprio bromance continued as the duo hit the town after the SAG Awards, heading to the Netflix SAG Afterparty at Sunset Tower, where they laid low on a banquette and hung out with Al Pacino.

Oh, and Jennifer Aniston just happened to be there, too.

Perhaps it’s time to come up with a nickname for Pitt and DiCaprio?

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