He made a brief appearance on John Krasinski’s YouTube show.


Would you like Brad Pitt to deliver your weather report? If so (and who wouldn't?), you're in luck.

John Kraskinski has been using his new YouTube show, Some Good News, to deliver some lighter fare and entertainment during the coronavirus pandemic, and each week, he manages to pull in great guests from Steve Carell to Lin-Manuel Miranda and the cast of Hamilton. This Sunday, however, he may have peaked when he brought in the big guns: Brad Pitt, Oscar winner and honorary Property Brother.

Pitt made a brief cameo in the latest installment of Krasinski's show to deliver a casual weather report from the balcony of his home, wearing his signature newsboy cap and a mint green sweater.

"It looks uh, pretty good, yeah," he said during the forecast.

(You can see his cameo at around the 6:52 mark in the video.)

Since he, like many of us, is now quarantined at home, we'd like to suggest Brad Pitt as the weatherman for all upcoming SGN episodes. After all, he's got a great view of the forecast from his deck (palm trees and all) — and, you know, a ton of on-camera experience.