Brad Pitt Shed Tears of Joy During His Big Celebrity IOU Reveal

The Scott brothers were "blown away" by Pitt. 

Brad Pitt shed literal tears of joy when he made his first appearance on Drew and Jonathan Scott's new HGTV show Celebrity IOU.

The premiere episode of Celebrity IOU found Pitt working along the Scott brothers, Drew and Jonathan, to renovate friend and makeup artist Jean Black's guest house. The entire show is built around celebrities working to give back to some of the people in their lives who have made a difference in their lives.

For the inaugural episode, Pitt dug in to give Black the greatest guest house she's had in her life as he picked up a hammer and started knocking down walls right alongside the Scotts to do something amazing for his good friend.

By the time the final product was unveiled later on in the episode, Pitt was more than a little misty-eyed when it came to sharing his handiwork with the Scotts with Black. He was clearly touched by the results of the blood and sweat he put in while toiling throughout the episode, and finally it was time for tears.

The Scott brothers themselves were "blown away" by how "down to earth" and pleasant Pitt was while filming.

"He wanted everybody to feel like he was spending some time getting to know them," said Jonathan Scott. "And at the very end he remembered every single person’s name on the production crew and on the construction crew. He remembered everybody and wanted to make sure that they knew how grateful he was for what was happening. He was a true gentleman in every sense of the word."

Brad's emotional response to the kind of giving that's going to happen on this show is likely not the last, as Drew and Jonathan have promised we'll "cry more with this series than you've ever cried before." If it already got Brad dabbing his eyes, then we can't wait to see what's in store.

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