The actors have been spending a lot of time together. 


In a twist foreseen by absolutely no one, debonair actor, producer, and ex-husband to the stars, Brad Pitt, 55, has been spending time with everyone’s favorite cousin, Arrested Development and Search Party actress Alia Shawkat, 30.

In fact, it’s so unexpected that Pitt and Shawkat have been hanging out publicly for actual months, and we only just now took stock of the relationship.

Alia Shawkat Brad Pitt
Credit: Getty Images

In September, they were spotted seeing a play together in Los Angeles. In October, they attended (and posed for a selfie following) a performance of Mike Birbiglia’s The New One.

And, the crème de la crème, the pair was spotted (and photographed) at an L.A. art gallery over the weekend.

As any Brad Pitt outing with any woman of any age or profession prompts, we are obligated to ask, are they dating?? Twitter is torn:

A source has confirmed to InStyle that the actors aren't dating. Pitt and Shawkat are “absolutely just friends,” a source told People. Granted, so were Pete Davidson and Kaia Gerber, until they started making out in public.

There’s really only one thing we know for certain, and that’s there’s always money in the banana stand.