This Twitter Thread About the Cost of a Bra Is the Purest Corner of the Internet

"My guess is around 15-20 bucks, but that sounds a bit expensive, so I hope it's closer to 5-10."

It all began on Wednesday when Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez was dragged by The Washington Times for spending over $300 at a hair salon. Many were quick to note that, uh, that's what it costs for cut and color ... The conclusion: men (generally) don't really understand the cost of women's hair maintenance.

Bouncing off the backlash, author Linda Holmes tweeted a simple proposal to everyone out there who’s never purchased a bra (i.e. men): “What do you think a midrange bra costs?”

For the bra-wearing/purchasing set, the answer isn’t difficult to grasp, though there isn’t a concrete standard of “midrange bra” pricing. Suffice to say, bras are expensive — especially comfortable ones.

Unsurprisingly, the thread ensnared many men whose knowledge of the lingerie economy was laughable. One of the most popular responses came from a user who guessed “15-20 bucks,” but upon further reflection thought “that sounds a bit expensive, so I hope it’s closer to 5-10.”

The internet had fun with that one.

But the bra-buying novice in question soon learned the truth and joined the ranks of the initiated.

Others were similarly off the mark (but willing to learn).

Makeshift Price Is Right games were instigated.

Relationships were formed; heroes born.

We all learned a lot.

This may just go down as the most constructive and amicable Twitter thread in the platform’s history.

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